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Digital Marketing 101:By Business People for Business People

Without a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve, marketing your business can often feel like a shot in the dark and a necessary evil. Learn how to hone your marketing strategy to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness. On October 4th at 2PM, tune in as our panelists explore:

  • How do buyers buy?
  • Common marketing challenges for growing organizations
  • Common approaches to addressing the issues
  • Tales from the trenches
  • Improving your marketing performance

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Please be advised that in order to earn PD credits for Welch LLP webinars, the webinar must be viewed live in order to comply with CPAO requirements.

Who’s Speaking?

Micheal Burch,
Managing Partner
Welch LLP
Kyle Turk
Director of Marketing
Welch LLP
Darryl Praill
Chief Marketing Officer
Stas Dimos
Director of Growth