2015 Accounting Updates for Not-for-Profits

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

The seminar slides will guide you through:

  • Charity & NPO Tax Updates
  • EHT Exemption, EI & HST Update
  • New Income Streams for NPOs
  • Business Activity Restrictions
  • Controlled Entities, Branches & Divisions
  • Disaster Planning

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Who’s Speaking?

Garth Steele, CPA, CA
Audit & Indirect Tax Partner, Welch LLP
Christa Casey, CPA, CA
Partner & Director, Not-for-Profit Sector, Welch LLP
Don Scott, FCPA, CA
Tax Partner, Director of Tax Services, Welch LLP
Damian Laflamme
Senior Manager - Taxation, Welch LLP
Mona Tessier, CPA, CA
Senior Manager, Indirect Tax, Welch LLP
Neil McCormick
Carole Chouinard
Shawn Kelso, CPA, CA
Partner, Director of Professional Standards, Welch LLP