WEBINAR: Protecting Intergenerational Wealth: What You Need to Know

Our featured panelist is legal expert and certified family business facilitator Ron Prehogan, President of Equitas Consultants Inc. Besides his law practice focusing on commercial transactions including mergers, acquisitions, and the sale of business properties, Ron provides consulting services to family businesses and business families focusing on succession planning, communications, governance and mediation services.

Joining the panel are Welch LLP Partners, Jim McConnery, Carole Lekadir and Shawn Kelso.

Moderated by Welch LLP’s Managing Partner, Micheal Burch, the panelists explore strategies to protect and grow your family’s intergenerational wealth.

Topics include:

  • Laying the foundation to create, grow, protect and manage intergenerational wealth
  • Understanding how to navigate family dynamics – proactive versus reactive
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Family advisory – what it means and why it’s in your family’s best interest

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