WEBINAR: Tax Compliance in an Era of Change

On February 14th, Tax Partner, Don Scott moderated a discussion with Damian Laflamme (Director of Tax Compliance) and Shiraz Mawani (Personal Tax Specialist) to highlight key risk areas in preparing corporate, trust and personal tax returns.”

The last 5 years have seen a lot of significant tax changes, which have made tax compliance a challenging endeavour for sole practitioners and small to medium sized accounting firms. In this webinar, we will highlight the key compliance issues/challenges faced by practitioners when preparing corporate tax returns (T2), trust tax returns (T3) and personal tax returns.

In this webinar, our experts break down & discuss:

  • Expansion of 55(2) rules
  • Extending Tax on Split Income (TOSI) rules to adults
  • Introduction of ERDTOH/NERDTOH
  • Repeal of the eligible capital property regime
  • Investment income grind on the Small Business Deduction
  • Specified corporate income rules
  • Testamentary trust taxation and introduction of GRE’s
  • Donations made on death
  • T1135 reporting changes
  • Principal residence reporting

Webinar Panelists

Don Scott
Partner & Director of Tax Services
Welch LLP

Damian Laflamme
Director of Tax Compliance
Welch LLP

Shiraz Mawani, CPA, CA
Personal Tax Specialist
Welch LLP

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