WEBINAR: Hiring Top Global Talent:

The Opportunity for Canada's Tech Sector

The time is now! US Immigration policies have tightened, and as a result, a significant number of the highly skilled foreign workers in the US under the H-1B visa program are having trouble getting their visas renewed. In addition, the new candidates who normally apply and are accepted into the US each year are now being turned away. Understand how to take advantage of this unique opportunity for Canadian Tech companies to attract global talent by offering immigrants quick and easy entry into Canada.

Welch LLP Partner, Bryan Haralovich moderates a discussion with Senior Partner at Green and Spiegel, Stephen Green and CEO and Co-Founder of Global Skills Hub, Yousuf Khatib.

In this webinar, our experts break down & discuss:

  • 10 Day Processing
  • How to vett/interview Candidates globally
  • Which other countries are becoming hotbeds for Talent
  • Global Talent Stream
  • Diversity and Inclusion Benefits
  • Work Permits (short term, processing, and LMIA-Exempt)
  • Best Practices

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Meet the Speakers.

Bryan Haralovich , Partner of Welch LLP
With over 20 years of public accounting and business related experience, Bryan specializes in providing financial services to entrepreneurs from private to public companies including charities, government departments and agencies. In his role as an audit partner at Welch LLP he provides a range of assurance services, technical accounting advice, income tax planning and compliance and financial statement internal control advisory services. He has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses by leveraging his extensive experience as a business advisor.

Stephen W. Green, Senior Partner, Green and Spiegel
Stephen Green is one of the two Senior Partners at Green and Spiegel and is Certified as a Specialist in Immigration Law by The Law Society of Ontario. Stephen has been practising immigration law for 30 years and has extensive experience in all areas of Canadian immigration. Stephen has been identified for many years as a leading practitioner in immigration law. Stephen is considered a subject matter expert in the field, frequently asked to speak as a panelist, moderator and lecturer. 

Yousuf Khatib, Co-Founder & CEO, GlobalSkills
Yousuf started his entrepreneurial endeavors in the Life Insurance industry and quickly grew his own agency by recruiting and training 600+ agents in Toronto. With a passion for entrepreneurship, sales and networking, Yousuf got involved in the Startup ecosystem globally. He has helped companies expand across national boundaries and scaled sales teams in industries spanning SaaS, Marketing, Fintech and Recruitment. Having lived in and visited several countries, he brings a holistic and humble perspective to any business.

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