WEBINAR: Tax on Split Income:

How Do the New Rules Impact You?

Effective January 2018, the Canadian government implemented new TOSI rules with the objective of eliminating the tax benefits of income splitting where the recipient of the income has not made an adequate contribution to the business in question. As a business owner, executive, or professional it is important to understand the ways in which the new rules will affect you as well as ways in which you can plan to minimize the impact of these changes on you or your business.

Welch LLP Partners Jim McConnery and Don Scott alongside Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall's Gregory Sanders discuss how the new Tax on Split Income (TOSI) rules can affect you and your business.

In this webinar, we will be breaking down & discussing:

  • The new TOSI regime which applies as of January 1, 2018
  • The applicable tax compliance matters for private companies and their shareholders
  • The fundamentals of the new regime, the complexity and related uncertainty as to whether or not TOSI applies to particular fact patterns
  • The TOSI implications on some common private company structures and alternative planning that may be feasible
  • The key exceptions to the TOSI regime and when such exceptions apply

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Meet the Speakers.

Jim McConnery , Partner of Welch LLP
Jim McConnery is a Tax and Estate Practitioner with a wide ranging expertise in tax, acquired through his 22 years of public accounting. Jim provides assistance to individuals and private companies with a particular focus on tax, estate and succession planning. A key aspect of Jim’s expertise relates to tax minimization strategies via family trusts – this includes income splitting strategies and multiplying access to the lifetime capital gains exemption. Jim also provides support in the context of the purchase or sale of private company groups.

Don Scott , Partner of Welch LLP
Don is nationally recognized for his extensive knowledge in the area of Personal and Corporate Tax Planning. He regularly contributes to Welch’s quarterly newsletter as well as blogs and white papers to keep our clients up to date on the latest tax issues. Don authors the annual Income Tax Update course, which is taught nationally through the CPA professional development program and teaches various specialized tax courses for the CPA Canada and CPA Ontario. He is also a mentor to students within the firm that are working towards their CPA designation.

Gregory Sanders , Head of Tax Law Group
Gregory Sanders is head of Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall’s Tax Law Group. A graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and a Chartered Professional Accountant, Gregory has almost 30 years in private client tax law. Businesses and individuals looking to enhance and preserve their net worth benefit from Gregory’s expertise in all key tax related areas: tax and estate planning, dealing with CRA, tax dispute resolution, Canada-US planning and international tax. Gregory also assists not-for profit entities and charities in ensuring their compliance with corporate and tax laws.

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