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WelchGroup Consulting - Ottawa, Ontario - Presented October 2nd, 2013
Event Hosted by: Candace Enman, Bruce Fischer, Jeffrey Dale, Margo Crawford, Bron Vasic, Chuck Richards
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On October 2nd, 2013, WelchGroup Consulting presented the top 5 red flags that business owners and senior executives face today. Watch the full presentation to walk away with fantastic strategies & tactics to shift your company into high gear.

Jeffrey Dale - Quantifiable Advantage

In this presentation, Jeffrey discusses the best approach for wisely positioning your company in the market. Watch now to learn the importance of understanding what you bring to the table, why you're unique & why your value is defensible.

Candace Enman - Financial Management

In this presentation, Candace discusses the importance of defensible numbers & processes for your company. Listen now and learn how to have good governance and support your financial package. Also learn about the importance of transparency and clean reporting/ processes.

Margo Crawford - Talent Management

In this presentation, Margo discusses how the overall success of a company directly relates to its ability to find, develop, and retain quality individuals in the right position. Watch now and learn the 3 major HR themes that can depress the value of your business & how to overcome those.

Bron Vasic - Strategic Direction

In this presentation, Bron discusses about how a business without a strategic plan is like a ship without a compass and how valuable businesses have a strong sense of direction. Listen and learn the components of a good strategy and how strategic management can tie everything together.

Chuck Richards - Do It All Business Owner

In this presentation, Chuck discusses how a "do it all" business owner means the value of the business is in the owner versus the actual operating business. Listen now and learn how to assess the sustainability and transferability of your business so that you can successfully transition your business in the future.

Q & A Panel Discussion

At our event, several of our guests gave our panelists some interesting questions! Listen in to hear the answers & expert opinions to some key questions on the minds of business owners like you.
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